The OE Institute

The OE Institute is currently being established by Dr. Jerry Eppler, former Dean of Training for the United States Army’s Organizational Effectiveness Center and School (OEC&S) from 1975 to 1985, and Tom Helton, one of Jerry’s students and a graduate of the first Organizational Effectiveness (OE) Course in 1976.

Jerry and Tom are writing a book in the form of a “collective memoir” that tells the story of the graduates and former staff and faculty of the US Army’s Organizational Effectiveness (OE) School in Monterey, California from 1975 to 1985.

To gather the personal stories of this group, they are planning to conduct over one hundred and fifty one-on-one telephone interviews with graduates of the Army’s OE Course and former members of the School’s staff and faculty. The story of the OE School is a story that needs to get out into the world and it is time that it is told!

To learn more about this very exciting initiative please visit their web site at: